Saturday, November 20, 2010

Clown Festival In Mumbai

East is east and jest is jest and sometimes the twain do meet. The International Clown Festival in the city featuring professional clowns from overseas, is all about breaking stereotypes and proving that spreading happiness is serious business

Mumbai's weather is getting more unpredictable by the day. After the sporadic rain showers in November now, of all things, it was raining clowns in the city. A host of clowns descended into Mumbai for The International Clown Festival 2010, which ran till November 14, to do what they do best -- spread happiness.

The clowns from the USA, Europe, Canada, South Africa and Malaysia held shows, workshops going to hospitals, malls and colleges in the city, 'to spread the word that clowning is an art form, it is not just some slapstick nonsense done by dwarfs or people pulling funny faces, like they are often portrayed in our Hindi movies," says Martin D'Souza whose clown name is `Flubber' (he is a professional clown himself) and organiser in chief of the International Clown Fest.

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